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Our customers are getting local and corporate wedding sponsorships for 2010 and beyond. Our customers are getting free engagement rings, wedding dresses, wedding invitations, wedding cakes, and so much more.  Over 2 million wedding ceremonies are performed in the US every year, and only a handful of couples/wedding planners seek sponsors. WeddingSponsorships.comô is offering you a pre-packaged wedding sponsorship proposal kit that can help you get your wedding sponsored. We have all the information you need to contact ready-and-waiting sponsors. Just fill in the blank spaces, print, and submit to our list potential wedding sponsors. Click here to view articles and read about weddings that have recently received sponsorships. 

Weddings are niche marketing events that are in demand by small and large corporate marketing managers. Wedding sponsorships in North America are projected to reach over 16 million dollars in 2006. We show you how to get free wedding services and party gifts through previously used wedding sponsorship proposals and hard to find sponsor contact information. We have yet to have one of our customer's seek wedding sponsorships and fail. The WeddingSponsorships.comô information package is a comprehensive report that is easy to follow and will help you get started immediately.  Click here to view ordering information.

"My friend Jim (center) had never heard about wedding sponsorships for weddings till I bought him your eBook. Very detailed information and easy to use when pursuing sponsors. Jim has already lined up free wedding catering, a discount wedding ring, wedding photographer discounts, and wedding invitations (with sponsorship logos) I've managed to help him save thousands by purchasing your wedding book. Thanks, and Jim thanks you as well. " - Timothy Debeck (left), Novine Michigan

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" thank you! We ordered your Cd-rom 3 months before our wedding and we were able to get discounts for the following: wedding gown, wedding cake, wedding photographer, wedding singer, and engagement rings. We ended up canceling many services, because we ended up getting them for free. Additionally, all of our wedding party favors were donated!" - Jeff and Marietta Stauffacer, New Jersey

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